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 Float Fly Schedule
2019 TBD
Every other Tuesday June to August. 

Public boat launch SW side of Lake Alvin 5PM

Dakota Flyers

Dakota Flyers General Safety Rules

» Follow all AMA Safety rules. You must be AMA and Club registered.

» First time pilots need to meet with the club trainer Milt Schavee before you solo with other members. You may buddy box with an experienced pilot at any time. Training will be provided contact Milt Schavee.

» Aircraft can only be started in the pits.

» Aircraft must be secured by a hold down or another person when starting.

» Aircraft need to be balanced, charged, and all hardware/equipment installed correctly before flight. Engine break-in area is near the shed.

» Fixed frequency transmitters must have the frequency pin before being turned on.

» Aircraft must be ranged checked before flight each day.

» East side is for morning flight only. Move to the west side after 1 PM. There is no tall fence on the east side so be extra careful in the pits.

» No taxing back into the pits. Stop the engine on the field before reentering the pits. All spectators must stay behind the tall fence.

» Inform other pilots before taking off, landing and walking onto the field.

» Respect the flight line and try to keep flight closer to the center of the field. Do not fly over pits. Ideally keep 10 feet out from short fence.

» Please follow the direction of flight established by aircraft already in flight. Take off and land into the wind.

» Fire extinguisher and a first aid kit are in the pin box for emergencies.

» Everyone is responsible for pilot and spectator safety.

» A
ircraft must be flown maintaining visual contact during the entire flight and cannot use video equipment to extend this visual contact as established by the AMA.

» Aircraft may not use the Dakota Flyers field as a destination or launch point for GPS/FPV guided flight without maintaining visual contact of the aircraft during the entire flight. Operators cannot use video equipment to solely maintain visual contact. 

» When using FPV video equipment, you must maintain the aid of a spotter during the entire flight. 

»  400 feet above ground level is the maximum height as established by the AMA.

» Any activity (on or off the flying field) which
interferes  with manned aircraft flight, will result in revocation of membership and will be reported to authorities.  

» Be safe… Have fun. Be good to others, we are all here for enjoyment.

If you have any safety concerns or comments please bring it to the attention of any of these people.
Brian Aker  Milt Schavee, Jim McGuire, Phil Caine, Jerry Johnson, Bob Jackson

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